Poker and Snooker: Creating the perfect space for men’s hobbies

Posted on: 18 January 2021

Last edited on: 18 January 2021

Poker and Snooker: Creating the perfect space for men’s hobbies 

Although many may think that men prefer action sports and competition, we are more inclined to entertainment like table games with friends. Yes, of course, men like to exercise, but that’s just one of many hobbies.

In this short article, we will try to make a list of the “must-haves” for a men’s game room. You can use it either as a gift list for that special person or just to chit-chat about what men really like to do.


A perfect men’s game room should definitely include a poker table. Any man would enjoy having his own space to impress his friends with his “poker face,” a slang used to refer to an emotionless expression when you have a powerful pair of cards, something exclusive to live gaming, for example, online rooms are played against a screen.

Recall that you will also need a poker set consisting of chips, cards, and most importantly, a set of comfortable chairs to play.


Indeed, we believe that a game room should include a snooker table, although we know that this particular hobby, just like poker, demands ample space. However, you will be the king of the party after showing your friends your baize-covered table and your collection of cues. One recommendation is to cover the floor with an absorbing-material, for those slippery balls.

Playing snooker at home is a luxury that not many can afford, but it would be heaven on earth for a true fan, and you can even invite your friends to play a tournament.

Gym (exercise)

A home gym is a luxury that not many men can afford. An exercise machine can cost hundreds of pounds, and a set of dumbbells is also expensive. Still, only a couple of items can provide a room with an incredible atmosphere that invites you to work out right after walking through a door. Nothing better than coming home after a long day at the office and relaxing your body, going a run, or lifting some weight.

It’s also important to consider what sports the man likes to practice, whether to get an exercise bike or a weight machine.

Video games

Probably all men enjoy spending an afternoon playing video games with friends. Besides the console, you will need a large-screen high-definition TV, a suitable home theater/headphone, and a comfortable couch to have the perfect gaming set.

With those four elements, you will be ready to enjoy endless days playing with friends. A monthly subscription to an online store with access to several games or other perks would be the perfect companion for a gamer.

Hi-Fi Sound

Any man would definitely enjoy listening to his music collection in high definition. There is an entire universe of gadgets that can be installed in a game room to listen to music, from amplifiers to headphones and even vinyl record players for those charmed by the vintage spirit.

The best thing about any Hi-Fi equipment is that it can be used with other devices like TVs to watch movies.

Any of the gadgets/devices listed above would be a great companion for any man. Although a game room is unlikely to include them all, just one is enough to create a fantastic home atmosphere.


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