A Giant Step Forward For Amateur Snooker ?

The recent announcement by the English Association of Snooker and Billiards (EASB)
regrading live streaming of the English Amateur Championship final is, to me, a massive
boost for amateur snooker.

Not only will the final be streamed over the internet, but there is to be a feature during the
World Snooker Championships as well.

This really is a giant step forward and looks to be the first initiative to come out of the
recently announced partnership between the various bodies, both professional and
amateur, looking at increasing participation in the sports in England.

Let’s hope for a lot more of this!


This weekend (Oct 17/18) is a very busy one with round 2 of the EASB English Ranking Series
at the South West Snooker Academy and the start of the Snookerbacker Classic in Liverpool
on Sunday. Some of the top amateurs however, will be winging their way across the world
to compete in events in China alongside current tour professionals.

Personally I would prefer to see the amateurs here in the UK earning their places on
overseas events with the pros. And, as I hear it, next year’s format will be the start of this.


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