Live blog 27/11/15

27 November 2015

Today I am visiting York, where the UK Snooker Championship is in full swing – except that today is a rest day as far as play is concerned.

The reason for my visit is that I have been invited to do a short presentation about Snookerhub to the World Snooker Coach’s seminar being held this evening.

I understand that there is also the players forum today which I will be on the lookout for with a view to at least dishing out a few business cards to anyone I can collar!

To get me in the mood, so to speak, I’ve just been listening to the latest Snooker Scene Podcast featuring an interview with Jason Ferguson. There are some interesting snippets in there as regards the development of the sport. It’s now being called a sport rather than a game as part of the drive to have snooker included as an Olympic event.

Arrived at the Novotel in York to find lots of players taking it easy before the forum.