How to find a Snooker Club

If you are looking for somewhere to play snooker in the UK, then the SnookerHub Club Finder is the biggest and best search facility available.

By entering the name of a town or city, a postcode or even just the name of a snooker club, users can then ask for details of clubs within the desired radius. The Club Finder then presents directions, contact details and any forthcoming snooker events.

Any additional details provided by the club are also available.

Snooker Clubs today are offering a much more family-friendly environment including junior clubs and access to coaching as well as the traditional events such as tournaments and league competitions.

Portland Snooker Club

In addition to listing the many hundreds of clubs offering the chance to play snooker, the Club Finder also lists the clubs affiliated to the EPSB 147 Club scheme, which is –

part of a drive by the English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards (EPSB) to widen participation by showcasing facilities and promoting opportunities to play in a safe and enjoyable environment.

If your club isn’t listed, or you have more information that you would like us to include, please Contact SnookerHub