Snooker at home

The message is quite clear:
Stay at Home; Protect the NHS; Save Lives

For the lucky ones with a snooker table at home, that’s not too difficult as far as snooker goes at least.

For most of us though, we could do with something more than watching re-runs of tournaments on YouTube, Eurosport player etc.

Some of the coaches who bring us the training videos on YouTube, have turned their attention to how they can help us “practice” at home.

In no particular order, here are three videos with ideas for how you can practice at home.

Nic Barrow – The Snooker Gym

Barry Stark Snooker Coach

Steve Barton – Barton Snooker

No doubt there will be more to come from these guys, and others, as ‘lockdown’ continues.

Stay safe folks!