EASB Masters Tour 2015/16

29 November 2015

Today is round 4 of the EASB Masters Tour at the Oldham Snooker Academy

Bit late starting but the TD is keeping it going nicely. 17 players in 3 groups of 4 and one of 5. Lunch break for most and chance to analyse the tables and how each other is playing! I feel sorry for the three guys who travelled together and are in the same group.

All very complicated as to who gets through and who goes home.

Lee Martin made it through the to the quarters but was beaten by Kevin Firth who went on to meet the irrepressible Shaun Wilkes in the final. That’s two wins and two runner up spots for Shaun now on the tour.

Later on, Pakistan’s only pro snooker player, Hamza Akbar came in for a bit of practice as did 13 year old Ryan Davis. Very interesting watching them practice on adjoining tables.

It was a very enjoyable day at the Oldham Snooker Academy and thanks to Nisar for his hospitality.


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