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Snooker at Preston Guild Hall

Amateurs at the Indian Open Qualifiers

Snooker is back at Preston Guild Hall for the qualifying round of the Indian Open and there is plenty amateur interest. The top performers from Q School that didn't make it on to the tour, are invited to make up the 128 for the first round. There are 12 amateurs taking part - Day 1... Read more »
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Riga Masters and Challenge Tour 3

The third of the 10 Challenge Tour events takes place today in Riga, Latvia amongst cries from some on social media that the so-called secondary tour just isn't working. It is certainly a shame that there are so few entrants, but at least those that do go are guaranteed a pay-out, even if it doesn't... Read more »
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Challenge Tour 2

Posted by Michael Waring on Sunday, 8 July 2018

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The Seniors starts here!

Dont forget this Sunday as well lads we have the over 40s satellite with 4 places being gtd for the main qualifier in Letterkenny. I may be a tad hungover lol Posted by Nwasa Snooker on Friday, 6 July 2018

Snooker at Preston Guild Hall

Amateurs at the World Open Qualifiers

No rest as the next event gets underway at the Guild Hall Snooker at Preston Guild Hall No sooner has the qualifying round for the Riga Masters finished, than the qaulifying round for the World Open gets started. This is a much more lucrative event and as such quite a few more pros have entered.... Read more »
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