WPBSA Statement regarding the IBSF

Posted on: 1 August 2017

Last edited on: 1 August 2021

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So what does this mean for amateur snooker in general?

The main thing, obviously, is that there will be no more tour cards for IBSF tournament winners. But where will the cards go? Hopefully they will be allocated to the proposed Challenge Tour, which at the moment has only two cards on offer. Make it at least four in my opinion.

What will the amateur snooker world do about this? Will the EASB et al still send players to IBSF events? Hardly seems worth it when the World Amateur Snooker Champion doesn’t even earn himself a pro ticket. Which in turn begs the question, will the WPBSA give tour cards to an alternative World Amateur Championships?

We sure haven’t heard the last of this!

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