Woking Pro–Am 22 & 23 April 2023

Posted on: 29 March 2023

Last edited on: 4 April 2023

Woking Snooker Centre in conjunction with www.snookerz.co.uk are excited to confirm that we have now added an extra day to our Pro-Am.

This means that rather than players simply playing one match and possibly only a few frames , every player will get at least a few matches.

Also, having hosted the British Disability Snooker Open recently and having been massively impressed with the players from the WDBS tour, in line with our ethos which is simply to support Grass Roots snooker and make the game as accessible as possible to everyone, we have put in place a £5 discount for all WDBS players that enter.

We’re also delighted to confirm that Woking’s very own Dalton Lawrence, who won the Group 5 Disability 2023 Belgian Open, is already registered to play in our Pro-Am.

We very much hope that other WDBS players will join him and us at this event. 

We realise that by holding our Pro-Am on the middle weekend of the World Championships some Pro’s that maybe would pop down and support our event won’t know if they are able to do so until nearer the event, but we would hope that any Pro that is available and able to come down will do so.

It is understandable that they are used to much bigger prize payouts than we can offer but I would request that such players think back to the time when they were just starting out or had not yet made it onto the tour and recall that Grass Roots events like this one, are where they first started out.

We are of course very grateful for any publicity these players can give us and in particular we’d like to thank Joe Perry who has done just that.

We very much hope to see some Pro’s in Woking on the day, to support this Grass Roots event. It would make so many peoples day.  

We would request that any WST player that is considering coming down contact us at info@snookerz.co.uk before registering.

We are also very keen to discuss sponsorship with any interested party.

We would hope that our vision of Grass Roots snooker for all, regardless of ability would align with that of many potential Sponsors. Any ad hoc deal is on the table such as event sponsor, high break sponsor etc.

We have a £1200 prize pot currently but there are costs that we currently have not covered because we’d rather all the money taken in via registration fees is paid out in prizes. So if you think you/your company could sponsor this great event, please contact us at info@snookerz.co.uk

Finally we are delighted to confirm that EPSB Referee Claudia Ene will be our lead referee for both days and EPSB/WSF Referee Matt Ashton has kindly agreed to assist Claudia on day 2 so we will have both the semi finals and the finals fully refereed along with one floating ref on day 1 and two on day two.

Can’t make it to the Crucible? Come to Woking for what we hope will be a fantastic Grass Roots Snooker event.

The World Championships will of course be on the big screen in the bar.

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