Snookerhub goes to York

A grand day out was had yesterday on my visit to York to present Snookerhub to the World Snooker Coaches’ seminar.

The seminar was being held in the Novatel which was also the meeting place for what seemed like just about everyone else involved in Snooker!

The likes of Terry Griffiths, Mark Selby, Jason Ferguson and of course Barry Hearn, will be pulling out a Snookerhub card this morning and thinking “now I really do need to check this out”. Well I hope so anyway. Mark Selby seemed almost pleased to be able to claim that he has been stung by the wasp! A phrase coined by Lee Martin to describe how I seem to fly around and sting everyone by presenting them with a card!

I would like to say a big thanks to Chris Lovell and his team for giving me me the opportunity to bring Snookerhub to the attention of the coaches.

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