Snooker Clubs Gearing up for Relaxations of Covid Restrictions

Posted on: 16 May 2021

Last edited on: 1 August 2021

Monday 17 May 2021 and snooker clubs across most of the UK can reopen their doors.

Let’s get back on the baize!

From 17 May

  • England moves to Level 3
  • Wales moves to Alert Level 2
  • Scotland moves to Level 2 but Glasgow and Moray will remain under level three Covid restrictions for at least another week
  • Northern Ireland are set for 24 May but this is an indicative date at the moment
  • Ireland is looking to June or July before clubs can open.

There are still social distancing and other rules in place, but generally it means we can get back to playing snooker!

Q School preparation starts for many

Q School 2021 starts on 27 May and for some it will be a case of getting as much practice in as possible before then.

At the time of writing we don’t know the draw or how many have entered. But we have heard there are approximately 120 and we aren’t sure if that includes the 25(ish) relegated professionals.

Although “elite sportsperson status” was available to all Q School entrants, it might not have been that easy to find a venue to accommodate them.

Snooker creates dreams!

The vast majority of snooker players in the UK might dream about being a professional snooker player, but aren’t seriously considering making snooker a career. But there are other levels they can aspire to.

League snooker is a step up from playing at recreational level but can be a step too far for some. However, although there has been a serious decline in the number of players and clubs playing league snooker, it is still very popular for amateur snooker players.

Individual competitions are organised by snooker leagues and many clubs often hold their own events.

County Snooker and National Events are a progression towards professional status for some with Pro-Am events a serious test of a players ability.

If anyone is serious about improving their game, they often look for coaching and/or look to but training aids and systems. SightRight, Snooker SQ, The Snooker Gym, and others provide for such players.

I am firmly of the opinion that NGBs should be providing some form of “National Snooker Academy” for players looking to become professional. Places in the academy could be earned through proving ones ability in approved events. But that’s another topic of discussion!

In the meantime, let’s hope that nothing gets in the way of the next planned lifting of restrictions, not before 21 June, will see the end of clubs being forced to close their doors again.

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