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Posted on: 9 October 2016

Last edited on: 9 October 2016

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Sunday 9 October

The Ladies continue with the LITEtask UK Championship in Leeds and you can follow the score from the last 16 at MySnookerStats

It’s quarter finals time in the EASB Premier Junior Tour Event 2 at CueBall, Derby.
Yesterday saw 3 century breaks that I know of at the moment.
Some of the big names have gone already. Brandon Sargeant, Richard Haney, Josh Thomond all fell by the wayside but Peter Devlin presses on after a shaky group stage.

The QF Line up is –
Mark Lloyd v Thomas Lancastle
Lewis Gillen v Louis Heathcote
Joshua Cooper v Jack Harris
Nico Elton v Peter Devlin


Plaza in Stoke on Trent hold their regular ‘Snooker Sunday’ and if you are further south the Castle Snooker Club in Brighton have their weekly Order of Merit Handicap

See the calendar for more details

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