Mill Brow Snooker & Social Club Pro-Am 28 August 2022 – Report

Posted on: 29 August 2022

Last edited on: 29 August 2022

Mill Brow Snooker & Social Club in widnes held a Pro-Am on Sunday 28 August. This is a report from organiser Stephen Llewelyn.

What a truly great day we had yesterday. An unbelievable field of players, a fantastic amount of feedback from top quality players, and a even better display of snooker.

We have waited a long time trying to build a Pro Am. When I took over the snooker side of the Mill Brow as events organiser and resident coach back in 2019, we were a long way behind lots of other clubs, but we had fantastic support from most of our members and continue to do so with others starting to see what we are aiming to achieve in the long run.

We are still unbelievably cheap for table rates, maybe possibly cheapest actual snooker club in country, along with memberships and even bar prices but we are always heading in the right direction.

Just before covid I spoke with owners Vic Turton and Karen Ocego Turton regarding the improvements needed to make the snooker room a success, the etiquette needed and the VISION I had to improve what we already had and to also grow the game in Cheshire, and the North West, which I feel is also continuing in the right direction.

Within the space of 3 and half years and a small budget, we have made some incredible improvements, and we try our very best to give the teams, the members and travelling participants the best we can afford.

We have now a fantastic match arena with two lovely steel block tables and Hotwire Snooker Table Heating fitted which now play really well when kept on top of and obviously kept chalk free, one being the table I’m lucky enough to have as my coaching table.

Two match tables the other side of arena with new lights just fitted and some more improvements coming in next few weeks to them to make them very similar to arena standard. The general club tables slowly but surely getting overhauled and refurbed to the same as table 5. It takes time but we will get there – northern rubbers and refurbs are not cheap these days.

What I did find yesterday was not one person moan about a table. Just one or two comments regarding things that will help them become better, play nicer and easier for your average club player.

I have woken up today extremely proud of our success yesterday, and a big thank you to everyone for making this possible,

Karen and Vic, the staff, the participants and especially the Pro’s Joe Perry, Nigel Bond and Jenson Kendrick thank you for your support.

Hopefully we build from here and look forward to the next one.

Well done Joe

2022 Mill Brow

Clatterbridge Pro Am Champion.

Now back to building 2022/23 calendars

For Mill Brow Snooker Handicap Series,

Mill Brow Seasonal Snooker Competitions, Accompanying the Merseyside Billiards,

The ESPB Junior Tour When finalised, hopefully some Saturday Open Series and start to get to work on getting North West Junior Snooker growing again.

I passed my WPBSA Level one in snooker coaching in 2019, and the journey has been amazing.

The motto they have has been cemented into what I push to achieve in snooker.


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