Lindrum: The Uncrowned King

Posted on: 14 August 2020

Last edited on: 1 January 2021

I recently received the following from Jan Lindrum.

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic we have not, as yet, been able to launch The Variety Club Horace Lindrum Challenge and The Variety Club Lindrum Masters but we are monitoring the situation and we will keep you posted.

In the interim we have released Lindrum: The Uncrowned King, the 6-camera capture of the live stage performance charting the true story of the greatest sporting dynasty the world has ever seen.

Encompassing war, betrayal, jealousy, court-room drama, Dixie-land jazz and the highs and lows of competitive sport on the world stage, the narrative takes the audience on a journey through the ages.

Produced by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Peter Hiscock, the project is the result of a marvellous team effort.

Also incorporated into the film, in very recent times, SENSATIONAL film footage and photographs from the GOLDEN AGE.  The VALUE of this history to all who wish to see the cue sports grow and flourish cannot be underestimated.

LINDRUM proudly supports the important work of VARIETY, the children’s charity, the BUTTERLY Foundation (aiding sufferers of anorexia nervosa), DRAKE MUSIC (using music to improve the Lives of disabled people) and GLOBAL AMATEUR CUE SPORTS but we need YOUR HELP.

We need YOU to pick up your cues and enter the competitions when the time comes and/or to spread the good news of the competitions and, in the interim, to DOWNLOAD the film and to encourage others to download the film and share the story.

The further we can spread the word, the greater the knowledge and appreciation of the history of the CUE SPORTS and the greater the fundraising initiative.


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