JP’s Snooker and Pool Club hosts a wonderful weekend of snooker

Posted on: 30 June 2021

Last edited on: 1 August 2021

Pro-Am Snooker UK held 2 events at JP’s over the weekend. A snooker Pro-Am on Saturday and the Charlie Poole Junior Snooker Open on Sunday

Dave Lewis said on Facebook:

“I will never forget this weekend as it was one of the best and told me a lot about junior snooker, and where it’s going.
most of these lads are the best in the UK, and it’s no surprise that their game is already of a semi-professional standard.
Some of them will be on the professional tour within 2-3 years; one already is.

Alex Clenshaw started with a 137 over Samuel Lee-Stevens. Tough first round matches with tour pro Jamie Wilson just getting past Luke Pinches 4-3, and Oliver Sykes just crossing the line 4-3 over talented Ryan Davies.
But the next rounds saw Jack Haley starting to flow with wins over Oliver Sykes, and a very strong looking Connor Benzey. Jamie Wilson, again just getting past Alex Clenshaw 4-3 with outstanding long potting winning him frames. Jamie’s 4-1 win over Liam Pullen had no reflection on the match as it was close in most frames.
Jack and Jamie took a best of 5 option to finish this great day of top junior snooker; and well done to Jack, well deserved win.

Big thanks to Jason Pegram and Charlie Poole for topping up a big prize pot.


Snooker Pro-Am

Ryan Thomerson 4-0 Ed Jones
Alex Clenshaw 4-0 Dan Walker
Dave Mcdonnell 4-1 Lee Adams
Peter Devlin 4-2 Luke Pinches
Jack Haley 4-1 Westley Cooper
Sean O’Sullivan 4-3 Jamie Wilson
Barry Pinches 4-1 Andy Norman
Ryan Causton 4-0 Colin Mitchell

Alex Clenshaw 4-3 Ryan Thomerson
Peter Devlin 4-0 Dave McDonnel
Barry Pinches 4-3 Jack Haley
Sean O’Sullivan 4-2 Ryan Causton

Alex Clenshaw 4-3 Peter Devlin
Barry Pinches 4-3 Sean O’Sullivan

Clenshaw and Pinches split the final

The Charlie Poole Junior Snooker Open

Jack Haley 4-1 Westley Cooper
Oliver Sykes 4-3 Ryan Davies
Joe Fenton 4-0 Isa Ishtiaq
Connor Benzey 4-0 Harry Wyatt
Jamie Wilson 4-3 Luke Pinches
Alex Clenshaw 4-0 Samuel Lee-Stevens
Alec Chalmers 4-0 Mason Sharp
Liam Pullen 4-0 Ed Jones

Jack Haley 4-1 Oliver Sykes
Connor Benzey 4-2 Joe Fenton
Jamie Wilson 4-3 Alex Clenshaw
Liam Pullen 4-2 Alec Chalmers

Jack Haley 4-3 Connor Benzey
Jamie Wilson 4-1 Liam Pullen

Jack Haley 3-1 Jamie Wilson

Interviews on YouTube

Head over to the Pro-Am Snooker TV channel for interviews with some of the players

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