How accessibility helps games such as snooker and blackjack remain popular

Posted on: 5 February 2022

Last edited on: 5 February 2022

Snooker is not alone in standing the test of time as a mainstream entertainment activity – Image via Zac Goodwin – Getty Images

If society has learned anything over the past couple of centuries it is that very few entertainment activities have truly stood the test of time.

The fickle nature of public tastes often results in things that are popular quickly becoming yesterday’s news when something new comes along.

However, there are some notable exceptions that have enjoyed longevity despite the prevalence of other seemingly more ‘trendy’ pursuits.

Snooker and blackjack immediately spring to mind, with each game boasting a history that dates back a significant amount of time.

Read on as we look at some of the key factors that have helped both games remain popular in an increasingly competitive entertainment marketplace.

Both games are easy to learn 

The beauty of snooker and blackjack is that they are easy to learn. Yes, both games are difficult to master, but that is part of their charm.

From snooker’s perspective, very view people possess the talent to become professional, but that does not stop them from enjoying the game.

Whether you play in the pub against friends or take things a bit more seriously at your local club, snooker is an easy game to understand.

It is a similar story in blackjack, with the basic premise of needing to hit 21 and beat the dealer a really simple concept to get to grips with.

The arrival of online blackjack games has opened the game up to the masses, helping it become one of the most popular forms of entertainment around.

In both cases, there is nothing too demanding to learn about either game, which has undoubtedly helped their popularity with players.

Accessibility heightens the appeal of each game

Accessibility is another important reason why snooker and blackjack continue to be loved by millions of people across the world.

Unlike some entertainment activities, each game can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their age, gender or any other factors.

Both games also offer players the opportunity to improve over time, which feeds into the natural human desire to be competitive.

In snooker, you can go from being barely able to hold a cue to making 147 breaks if you are prepared to dedicate yourself to your craft.

Blackjack is also a game where skills can be honed, with systems such as basic strategy and card counting amongst the ways that players can tip the odds in their favour.

People love taking part in games where they feel like they have a genuine chance of winning. Snooker and blackjack both offer this.

Social element drives engagement 

People love to socialise when playing games – Image via Pexels

Another primary driver behind the success of snooker and blackjack is the social element attached to each game, both in land-based venues and online.

As we alluded to earlier, you can head down to the pub or local club to enjoy a game of snooker against family or friends.

Blackjack also has strong ties to socialising, with a night out at a brick-and-mortar casino one of the best forms of entertainment you can partake in.

Each game has the added bonus that they can be enjoyed online, with gaming websites offering people the opportunity to play digital variants.

In these instances, the social aspect is recreated by the use of instant messaging software, which allows players to interact with others on the site.

This opens the door to chat with friends or family online, or forge new relationships with like-minded people in a safe environment.

Mobile apps cement the popularity of snooker and blackjack

Advancements in mobile technology have had a significant impact on the popularity of snooker and blackjack in recent years.

Snooker fans can now stay in touch with the sport like never before, with live streaming services providing unrivalled coverage of tournaments throughout the year.

Streaming has also helped to spark a betting boom in snooker, thus increasing interest in every event across the season. 

Mobile apps have had a similar positive impact on blackjack, making it much easier for people to play whenever and wherever they want.

Blackjack is now very much a 24/7/365 pastime, with online sites not hindered by the same licensing restrictions as their land-based counterparts.

However, the brick-and-mortar casino sector has benefited from the growth of online sites, with more players now visiting traditional venues than was previously the case.

Snooker and blackjack in the future

It is fair to say that snooker and blackjack have evolved over time and this trend is fully expected to continue over the coming years.

Snooker has moved on significantly from its working-class image in recent times, with improved marketing and promotion techniques opening the game up to the masses.

The expansion into growth markets such as Asia should help to cement snooker’s status as a mainstream entertainment activity for many years to come.

Blackjack’s future also looks bright, with technology likely to be the primary driver for growth for the foreseeable future.

Innovations such as virtual reality (VR) technology could broaden blackjack’s appeal even further, helping to attract a new generation of players to the game.

While other entertainment activities may fall by the wayside, snooker and blackjack look well-placed to still be around in another hundred years.

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