What Makes a Great Snooker Player?

What is it about snooker that can keep even a casual fan watching for hours? It is truly amazing to watch a great snooker player create magic from positions that mortal men would find discouragingly difficult. It could be the intrigue of watching your high school physics lesson at work. Perhaps it is the cool nature of the game – the atmosphere of the smoky bar, money on the table, the tension in the air.

Whatever it is that does it for you, we can all agree that snooker would be nothing without two well-matched players matching wits. So what exactly makes a great snooker player? Let’s take a look.

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No manner of personality or intensity matters if a snooker player does not have a load of technique to back it up. It may be hard to believe, but repetition is the mother of popularity in the game of snooker. Can you do the same thing over and over again? This may be the only game in which that level of precision is so exciting.

Playing it Safe

Have you ever seen a game where it is actually good to play it safe? The safety shot in snooker can be one of the most exciting and emotionally charged shots in snooker. The player does not make the shot; he may not even strike another ball with the cue. However, the positioning with which he leaves his opponent can charge the entire crowd.


The game of snooker is a game of long term strategy and short term tactics. It is war! Do you create an opportunity for yourself now, or do you wait until your opponent shows some sort of weakness? These decisions are the glue that literally holds the game together between shots. You can see it in the way that players walk around the table and even in how close they get to each other when setting up shots. If you check platforms like Casumo for online casino games, you will find the digital world is trying very hard to bring the psychological aspects of the game into the online space.

Break Building

Setting up shots so that you can run tables in a way that doesn’t even let your opponent play is the penultimate performance in snooker. You must be a master of physics, and you must execute your strategies perfectly. The precision that is required here is astounding, and it is truly amazing to watch when you find a player who can do it well.


In every other sport, fans watch to see players show their aggression. In snooker, fans know that the best player in the game is the one who keeps his cool no matter what happens. The psychological intrigue of the game is perhaps even more exciting than the physical play. The best players know how to play on both levels, and it is absolutely riveting to a fan who understands it.


The great players of the game have all of these characteristics, and they are also able to represent them with a unique style. Each player is an interpretation of the intense unwritten rules of the game, and watching the game in a sophisticated way is to watch these philosophies clash.

Which modern snooker player represents a great snooker player to you? You definitely have plenty of styles, temperaments and technical philosophies to choose from. Whoever you choose to emulate, however, make sure that you know that you must come with your own set of styles and skills if you want to be a great snooker player yourself. There is nothing more challenging or satisfying than finding your own place around this great table. Practice makes perfect!

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