Cues of Tomorrow

Posted on: 9 February 2021

Last edited on: 14 February 2021

Snooker Legends have announced a brand new series of junior events planned for the latter end of 2021.

Recently, Jason Francis said on Facebook

“For quite some time the thing I’ve been asked most about is whether I can help Junior Snooker. Juniors are the future of our sport, giving them competitions and reasons to practice helps clubs and helps provide a pathway to that ultimate goal of professional status. Many top class players now spent their junior days travelling round to clubs at weekends competing, testing themselves. They didn’t have the best tables, best balls, hardly any referees… they just wanted to play and compete and hit balls. Kids deserve our support and we owe them opportunities… time to pull some like minded people together, raise a few quid for them to play for – get kids in the clubs playing events and just hitting balls…. anyone who has made a penny in snooker I think has a small responsibility to help the ‘Cues of Tomorrow’ Watch this space.”

And so the “Cues of Tomorrow” project was born.

Starting in September, COVID permitting of course, there will be events for three age categories; Under 14, Under 18 and Under 21.

Under 14 and Under 18 will be limited to 16 entries each and the Under 21 will be limited to 32 entries.

Players will be able to enter as many or as few as they like but it will be a matter of first come first served!

The series will run over 8 weekends and the top 8 from each ranking will go through to the finals weekend.

The winner of each category will receive

  1. Fully paid entry to Q School 2022
  2. Some coaching paid for with a WPBSA Coach
  3. A playing and mentoring session with a top professional who has been World Champion
  4. A mentoring session with a top motivational expert
  5. Management contract if successful at Q School
  6. Legends Tips Goodie Bag
  7. A new set of professional 1g Balls to prepare in style.

The plan is also to pay good prize money each weekend.

Under 14 and Under 18 will be played on a Saturday and the Under 21 on Sunday and each weekend will be at a different venue.

Snooker Legends say:

“We are not in a position to release entry details or venues yet for Cues of Tomorrow, this is mainly because the more money we can raise in sponsors and donations the cheaper we can make entry fees.

This has never been done before and any offers of help we get will be used to increase opportunities and prize money at events. If you want to help, sponsor or donate your services, a prize or help towards funding this please get in touch.”

The dates

4th and 5th September
18th and 19th September
2nd and 3rd October
16th and 17th October
6th and 7th November
20th and 21st November
27th and 28th November
4th and 5th December
Finals Weekend 11th and 12th December

All of course could be subject to change but all are locked in with clubs already.

Further details will be announced in due course.


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