Could you be a Snooker Referee?

As we all look around and try to think of what to do with no sport on the TV, no snooker clubs open, no pubs… we could well find ourselves watching YouTube videos of snooker matches from recent, and not-so-recent times.

Spare a thought for the referees. It may look nice being there on TV, but they will have spent many hours refereeing much less glamorous events.

Referee replacing the blue ball
Referee replacing the blue ball

As described in a recent article on the WST site

There is much more to becoming a top level official than just knowing the rules.”

You can read the full article here:

The Rules

Knowing the rules is easier said than done of course. The latest rule book doesn’t change the rules very much but is designed to try to help referees and players understand the rules a bit better. The new rule book (which includes a section on the Six Reds game) and the notes to go with it, can be found by clicking on the relevant button below.

An offer from Paul Collier

On Twitter recently, top professional referee Paul Collier made an offer of a free seminar for anyone who wanted to read the rules then learn more about refereeing a match.

I will keep you updated on this as there was even a suggestion of a webinar.

EPSB Referee Course

If you are still thinking that you would like to become a referee, then the EPSB has started to roll out its revamped Class 3 Snooker Referee Course.

The dates will most likely not happen now of course, but the itinerary will probably be the same.

Have a look at the announcement here:


There is also a very active Facebook group for

anyone with an interest in the rules of snooker and billiards, to discuss any questions or issues relating to rules and referees.

It’s a ‘Private Group’, but very easy to join.

Amateur snooker is always on the lookout for more referees. And whether you just want to help out in you local league, have ambitions to become a professional referee or maybe would just like to have a better understanding of the rules of the game, there is plenty of information out there to help you.