Calling All Clubs

Posted on: 22 May 2020

Last edited on: 1 November 2020

It won’t be long now before clubs are allowed to open.

It’s looking like early July but we are still waiting for the official announcement from the government. The conditions might well be strange but will more than likely be welcomed by most.

Are you ready for the onslaught of questions?

Facebook is likely to be swamped with clubs announcing that they are opening and the restrictions in place to ensure the safety of staff and customers. And potential customers, new and old, will be busy searching for somewhere to play.

Portland Snooker Club

SnookerHub can help.

Our website has a page for each club where they can advertise opening times and any restrictions such as having to make bookings in advance etc.

Players will be able to go straight to the club of their choosing and look to see what’s on offer.

This is not necessarily instead of a club’s own Facebook page or website, but will certainly help potential customers in their search.

Any club who would like to make sure their customers are made fully aware of what is available can let us know at SnookerHub by email, messenger, text, a phone call – whatever way suits you best.

Mobile: 07977540429

There is no charge for this service and I’m more than happy to discuss the individual requirements of any club.

Obviously, as we get back to normality, these pages will become more and more valuable to each club in that they can advertise everything they have on offer. Not just snooker but billiards, pool, darts and anything else that the club has to offer.

Is your club featured on SnookerHub?


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