EPSB English Amateur Tour Events 3 and 4 Cancelled, but…

Posted on: 27 November 2021

Last edited on: 27 November 2021

As announced by the EPSB –

Due to heavy snow and dangerous driving conditions around the Stockport area, a decision has been made to CANCEL this weekend’s English Amateur Tour Events 3 and 4 at Hazel Grove Snooker Club.

Having talked to the venue and officials, we felt it was the only sensible and safe option in the circumstances.

Both events will be rescheduled to another weekend.

Please make any players who are in the event and not on social media aware.

Thank you, Team EPSB

However, the situation has been rescued by Josh Thomund and Sydney Wilson.

The EPSB announced –

Due to the unfortunate situation of the events being cancelled this weekend, we have made a decision that anyone who has travelled to Stockport and is already there, we are going to run a different event today and tomorrow.

These events will not be English Amateur Tour (and therefore not ranked) events but straight knockout.

Players at the club please see either Josh Thomond or Sydney Wilson who will kindly be running the events.

The winner will collect £300. The Runner-up £150 and semi-finalists £75 each.

This prize fund will be the same for each day.

We are aiming for these to start at 10.30am but we are being flexible due to the conditions.

Please contact either Josh or Sydney for further info (thank you, guys!)

Please make players not on social media aware.

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