Cue Towels

Posted on: 30 January 2024

Last edited on: 30 January 2024

I recently received these personalised cue towels from

The towels come in 5 different colours with your own wording embroidered on. The stitching comes in any colour you choose as well.

The addition of the grommets and the D clips means you can attach them to your case without fear of losing them, like I’ve done many times with just putting them in the handle.

There is another grommet on the towel behind the embroidery where the towel is folded over to protect the stitching.

I use 2 so I can have one wet and one dry. (I saw one guy once looking at his damp chalk and damp tip and wishing he hadn’t put his damp towel in his cue case!)

Overall, I think they are great value and the service from Fearless was excellent.

Most of what they sell is pool stuff of course, but worth a look for tips, chalk, cues, etc


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