Antrim has a new venue!

The 147 Snooker Club and the Pines Snooker and Pool Club have closed but been replaced by the Antrim Sports Club

As announced by Mark Allen on Facebook, the new venue will be opening on Saturday 29 August at 6pm.

Kicking off party style…… it will be free pool and snooker(and hopefully darts) all evening (time limits to give as many customers a chance as possible) and a massive party with buffet food provided.
Get a glimpse of what we have to offer

Then on Sunday it will be business as usual with a 12pm opening and two tournaments throughout the day…….Snooker handicap will start at 3pm, £10 to enter and pool handicap starting at 4pm, also £10 to enter.

There will be money added from the club to both pots and a bonus if anyone wins both

Everyone welcome!!

Hope to see you all there and we appreciate your patience throughout the transition. It’s been a trying few weeks but I think you’ll all be pleased with what’s been done

Click below for details of events at the new venue: