World Snooker Challenge Tour 9

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The 9th and penultimate event of the 2018/19 Challenge Tour could see a brand new professional professional

The first day of Challenge Tour 9 saw some of the leading contenders for the two main tour cards on offer, fall by the wayside.

David Grace and Barry Pinches both went out in the first round. Then in Round 3 Brandon Sargeant beat Mitchell Mann to all but assure himself a card. All he has to do today is beat Jackson Page and he’s there!

Page still has a mathematical chance of winning a card along with Lilley, Mann, Sargeant and Grace. Lilley might not even need this card as he’s currently in line for one via the one year list, having won £22,500 already!

All eyes will be on the Star Academy this morning for the final stages of this event.

Follow the scoring at

Congratulations to Adam Duffy on winning the event

Although Brandon Sargeant didn’t quite do enough to secure his place, only a minor miracle can prevent him now.

David Grace and Mitchell Mann will have to meet in the final and Brandon will have to have exited probably in the first round.

It will be interesting to see the effect it has on entries for the last event when there are so few in contention. And then, of course, the question is, what about next season? Will the format be the same? Who knows!?

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