World Snooker Challenge Tour 2019-20 – Event 4

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The Challenge Tour moves on to Belgium


The next leg of the tour will be over the weekend of 19-20 October and will take place at The Trickshot in Bruges, Belgium.

This is the second of the four European events which allow anyone to enter besides the top 56 from Q School and the eight wildcards. For this event there are 58 entries but without digging I can’t see which category they come from.

For each event the winner will receive £2000 with £1000 for the runner up. But the top prize is a 2-year main tour card for the top ranked player after the 10 events, and the next eight players in the rankings will go into a play-off event, with the winner of that event to receive the second tour card.

Current Rankings provides an ongoing ranking table for the Challenge Tour

Andrew Pagett was the winner of Event 3 and after a runner-up spot in Event 2 and a quarter-final in Event 1, has firmly established himself at the top of the rankings. The 37 year-old from Wales is looking to get back onto the main tour which he lost his place on in 2014.

Ryan Davies from England will be looking to make a push up the rankings now after his wildcard win in round 1 of the English Open the other day.

Other youngsters such as Robbie McGuigan, Ben Mertens, Sean Maddocks and Iulian Boiko are starting to make their names known and the Challenge Tour is providing them with the opportunity to at least gain very valuable experience of top class competition.

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