What is The 147 Club?

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What is The 147 Club?

The 147 Club was launched by the EPSB in November 2017 with the aim of promoting a modern, positive and progressive perception of clubs by improving standards, boosting the junior game and encouraging new players from all backgrounds into the sport.

With the support and guidance of the EPSB, participating clubs are required to meet set criteria around player welfare, insurance cover and coaching provision, with the aim of improving the club environment for all.

The scheme is backed by snooker’s world governing body the WPBSA and forms part of a major project to support snooker facilities worldwide.


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Club Benefits

At the same time, clubs can gain substantial membership benefits by joining the 147 Club, such as inclusion on the online club finder map, links into amateur competitions and training support. The scheme also offers a bespoke insurance package for clubs of any shape or size.

By affiliating your club with the English Partnership for Billiards and Snooker you will be in a stronger position to support snooker provision through the benefits and opportunities the scheme provides.

This is your club’s chance to…

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