The EPSB season breaks off this weekend


The English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards (EPSB) start their season this weekend with the English Amateur Tour.

When this event was organised by the EASB, it was billed as:

Second in status only to the English Amateur Championship, this Competition is designed to attract the best amateurs in the country playing in the best conditions. Players who aspire to achieving Main Tour status will see this as an excellent and affordable opportunity to gain valuable top match-play experience.

The draw and schedule etc can be viewed on the WPBSA Tournament Manager HERE:

The entries to this event could be seen as slightly disappointing with only 58, but that is without hardly any promotion of the event. The EPSB has been obviously busy with getting as much of the calendar organised and still have some way to go yet. Hopefully, there will be a lot more promotion as they find their feet. I would hope to see posters of the kind produced by other partners such as the Women’s and the Disability events.

Another disappointment is that officials haven’t been trained to use the WPBSA Tournament Management system and so the live scoring facility can’t be used. Women’s, Disability and Seniors events don’t suffer the same problems though. It seems strange that there is nobody anywhere in the country that can’t update the system. Do they really have to be at the event?

All in all, from the break, I’m afraid it’s an in-off for the EPSB!

The current calendar can be seen HERE:

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All EPSB events take place at venues which are members of the EPSB 147 Club and all entrants must be members of the EPSB.

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