The 2020 English Women’s Snooker Championship

Posted on: 7 March 2020

Last edited on: 31 December 2020

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The EPSB have revived the The English Women’s Snooker Championship and the event is to be played over the weekend of 7-8 March at Barrats Snooker Club in Northampton.

As this is the first time for some years that the event has been staged, it is not thought that there will be a lot of entries. Hopefully though, as the women’s game grows, more women will enter and the event will live on.

To revive this event and the English Billiards Championship were part of the aims of the EPSB when it took over from the EASB in 2019.

When the EPSB took over the running of national events last summer, one of its aims was to revive both national championships and to welcome more women and billiards players into the membership so that they can have their say about how their sport could be shaped at this level.

You can follow the event at:

Update: 08/03/2020

Due to the low entry numbers the event was completed in the one day.

In the final, Emma Parker beat Rebecca Kenna 2-0

Parker Becomes National Champion

Read the full report on the EPSB website

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