Snooker Snippets – Joe Davies (1927-1928)

Posted on: 3 October 2015

Last edited on: 3 October 2015

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Brilliant video here of the great Joe Davis !

C/U of the snooker player Joe Davies – he holds his snooker cue and smiles at the camera. Camera dissolve to the triangle of snooker balls on the table. Joe “breaks”. Dissolve to Joe standing by the table. “His stance, whether playing “safe” or “open” is a good one to copy.| Joe takes some shots – high angles show his body positioning. A tricky shot is taken. We see the balls in C/U as the white ball curls around another to pot the one Joe was after. It drops into the pocket.

M/S of Joe taking another tricky shot. C/U of the cue as he hits the white. “Be careful of the next one, unless you’d like to hear the “Tearin’ of the Green” reads the intertitle. Joe takes a shot and we see it in slow motion. He bounces the white ball over another. We watch Joe play. Ends with a C/U of Joe holding his cue.

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