Snooker Pro-Am weekend coming up

Another big weekend of pro-am snooker this weekend

Pot Black Clacton

First up is the 16 player event at Pot Black Clacton on Saturday 25th January

JP’s Snooker and Pool, Harlow

Next it’s the 16 player event at JP’s in Harlow on Sunday 26th January

These events are aimed at serious players looking to prepare for Q School, aiming at a tour card and/or looking to earn some decent money from playing snooker.

By competing against top amateurs and some professionals, this is a real test of your ability and gives you an insight into your chances if you were to make it onto the tour.

The events also help to promote clubs and show what they have to offer to the amateur snooker scene in the UK.

Spectators at the venues are always welcome and results will be published for all to see who is making a name for themselves!

If you would like some advice and/or assistance in running a quality event at your club, get in touch with Dave Lewis.