Lee Smith’s Snooker Coaching Qualifications

WPBSA Qualifications


Aimed at increasing participation in our sport, our entry level one-day course will provide you with the skills to organise snooker safely and independently in your community for players of all ages and abilities.

The course provides an introduction on how to coach the basics of the game, together with an overview of how the WPBSA as snooker’s world governing body is supporting grassroots development of the sport globally.

You will also receive extensive Child Protection and Safeguarding training certified by UK Coaching.


SightRight Accredited Snooker Coach


Patented Eye Dominance & Sighting Line assessment

Patented Pre-Shot Sighting routines for

• Perfect Sighting behind each shot

• Perfect Sighting of potting Angles

• Improved potting accuracy

• Improved positional play for higher scoring

Snooker Stance & Cue Action alignment

Develop the perfect stance and perfect cue action for your eye dominance

SightRight Practice routines for improved accuracy across your whole game

• Short, Middle & Long game

• Break Building

• Safety Play

• Rest Play

Advanced Coaching in all the basics of the Game

High Performance Coaching