Lee Smith’s Coaching Reviews

I get a real buzz teaching people this wonderful game and I’m always blown away by the positive feedback I receive from my coaching sessions.

This page contains some of the feedback that I have received from my pupils.

Whether we are working through the WPBSA White to Black program or straightening out cueing through the SightRight method, I’ve been lucky enough to help many students in the Kent and East Sussex area.

I hope you’ll find this feedback interesting.

Steve Wells

Lee has been an excellent coach. I was worried I might not be good enough. But Lee was very patient and quickly improved my game quite dramatically in just a few lessons.

Looking forward to going back for more.

Very easy to get on with and a lovely club/table to play on too.

100% recommended, whatever your skill level.

Martin Brunker

I have just started my snooker journey but in the WDBS  due to an injury. I have played before but needed to improve. I found Lee and he had a chat with me and I booked a 2 hour lesson. It was absolutely fantastic I took so much out of it and it looks to be helping my game already. He made some little tweaks here and there which I like.  He is helping me play with my new leg crutch. I can not recommend Lee highly enough and it’s like playing with a mate makes you feel comfortable whatever your ability. 

Thanks Lee

Alec Foord

I found Lee was very informative and very knowledgeable in regards to coaching and SightRight. I found how I have been lining up a shoot slightly wrong over the years. Was shown some SightRight practices routines to take away and use on my local table. Lee was very supportive in his lessons. I feel with his lessons and guidance I can improve my highest break. A credit to both WPBSA and SightRight.

Chris Clear

Lee was very knowledgeable and informative. His instruction was very clear and concise and put across in an easy going confident manner.

Lee also gave me many things to take away and practise to hopefully improve my game.

Indeed whilst he was coaching me I could already feel an improvement regarding my stance and alignment as well as my striking of the cue ball.

A credit to the WPBSA and Sightright Snooker Coaching.

Brad Carter

What an excellent opportunity! Lee has been a great help and took his time understanding where things were going wrong in my game and has helped address what needed to be changed and what to work on in the future.

highly recommend spending even a few hours with him no matter what level you might be.

cheers Lee 💪

James Bernal

I would highly recommend Lee he’s great! we are very happy to find him, he is now Coaching my 6 year old son Fabian, Lee is very patient with him and explains everything very clearly using the red to black coaching system. I can see a massive improvement in Fabian’s game already, he is progressing fast with Lee and Fabian is very happy!

The Facility in Paddock wood is very impressive with a lovely star table!

Gavin Hodgkins

SightRight My First coaching session ever on Tuesday been playing 36 years on and off and it was amazing experience absolutely buzzing SightRight does exactly what it says.

Lee smith is a fantastic coach, very patient easy to get on with highly recommend booked again and I can’t wait given me lots to practice at home and in the club.

don’t hesitate book a lesson you will never look back.

many thanks Lee

Mark Collier

I had my first 2 hour lesson with Lee the other day, he showed me the correct way to walk in to a shot, line up the shot, how to strike the shot properly, and much more. I potted balls that I wouldn’t usually attempt. Lee is a top coach and I would recommend him to anyone that wants to learn the arts of snooker, looking forward to the next lesson.

Jimmy Hart

Highly Recommend!

Lee Smith WPBSA and SightRight Snooker Coaching. Lee is an awesome coach although I have played a lot of pool i hadn’t played snooker in over 10 years and a few faults had crept into my game that with pool I could get away with snooker found them out straight away although knocking in a few good pots I wasn’t happy and sought professional help in the way of Lee he spotted faults straight away explained them and fixed them during 2hr lesson went away with new techniques and drills and new confidence to practice what I’ve been shown if your looking to improve don’t hesitate to contact Lee thanks mate rgds Jimmy

Ade Mitchell

I have been playing my version of snooker for many years, I was recommended to see Lee about this Sightright… saying it might help my game… so I thought I would give it a go… Firstly, Lee put me at ease straight away, he puts the information across very well, he is patient and a good teacher… after my first 2 hour session, I felt confident that with practice, I can improve my game… let’s see what the next lesson brings.. I can’t wait

Jerome Bowman

Lee is a great teacher, his honesty and attention to detail mean you’re getting the most out of each session. He pushes you to improve and his love for the game is clear. I’m bloody awful at snooker but I’m already cueing better than I ever have.

Warren Smith

My son and I have had our first coaching session with Lee today. Both of us have dabbled with snooker over the years, we need some guidance to make breaks of more than 2 balls! Having spent two hours with Lee (on a fabulous table at Paddock Wood social club) we both went away feeling if anyone can get us playing the game properly, Lee can! Great initial session, came away absolutely buzzing and can’t wait for the next session. A session full of hints and tips, Lee is clearly an established and credible coach who we’re confident can transform our game. Thanks Lee!

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