What next for Q School hopefuls?

Posted on: 17 May 2016

Last edited on: 25 June 2020

Q School is done and, almost straight away, the new professional season starts. What then for you hopefuls?

The PTC events are no more, so unless you finished at the top end of the Q School Order of Merit, you won’t get a chance to play in the ranking events.
So we need top class amateur events to get you ready for next year’s Q School and for the European and World events where tour cards can be won.
I guess many will be eagerly awaiting an announcement about the Snookerbacker Classic and getting ready to enter the EASB English Ranking Series, English Amateur Championship and others.
It’s the ‘others’ that are the problem. Where are they? Who runs them? When are they? How can you enter?

Thankfully, SnookerHub has the answers.

The SnookerHub calendar pulls together all amateur and pro-am events across the UK. You can look for events of the type you want to play in, e.g. pro-am, handicap, junior etc, or the venue, e.g Northern Snooker Centre, South West Snooker Academy, Cueball Derby, and so on. You will see how to enter, who to contact and even Google Maps to help you get there.
I get as many comps as possible on the calendar, but I can only get on what I know about! If you know of anything I am missing please let me know.

Some of these events attract the best amateurs in the country and regular top class competition is vital if you want to progress. More entries means more prize money as well.

Make sure you bookmark the site www.snookerhub.co.uk and you will find there are events for everyone.

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