Lynch’s Original Cue Balm – a review

Posted on: 23 July 2020

Last edited on: 23 July 2020

I recently received this package in the post. A tin of “Cue Balm” and a nice little micro-fibre cloth.

Now I must confess to not having even heard of this and, to be honest, never use anything other than water on my cue. I normally just wipe it clean with a damp cloth and then rub it dry. I have a cue towel through the handle of my case like most, and always clean the cue before a game.

But I was prepared to give this a go as the adverts say the smell is calming and the wax feeds the cue.

I have a one-piece Precision maple cue which I bought from Bex Kenna at and I love it. It’s not as if it’s not smooth but I believe anything can be improved on.

We are just about coming out of lock-down in England and I managed a couple of hours practice just before the balm arrived. But, I thought there’s nothing lost in applying the balm while I have a few days before I go again.

I cleaned the cue as I normally do, and decided to apply the balm to just above the butt and see if I could notice any change to the feel of the shaft from higher up.

It smells nice

First thing you notice when you open the tin is the smell. Obviously opinions on smells do vary, but the smell isn’t overpowering and is, to me, very pleasant. A nice, clean, polish smell – if that can describe a smell?

The balm is reasonably firm but went onto the cloth ok and transferred to the cue easily enough. I let it dry for 10 mins or so as it says on the tin, then buffed it up with the micro-fibre cloth. I didn’t go mad with how much I put on but it was easy enough to tell where I had put it, which surprised me a little. And yes, it’s smoother and feels quite nice.

It feels nice

I had no hesitation in applying the balm to the rest of the cue and I’m impressed. It feels smooth and smells nice. I have no doubt that it won’t help my poor standard of snooker, but it can’t do any harm.

Now I will admit that I was sent this free of charge to try out and I didn’t promise to say good things about it unless I liked it. But I do like it and I’m happy to say so.

It looks like it should last a good while as well so won’t work out expensive. I will buy a tin when this one runs out.

Click on the image below if you fancy trying it out for yourself.

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