Does a Permanent Summer World Snooker Championships Make Sense?

For many years, we have enjoyed the feast of snooker that comes around in April and May, culminating with the World Snooker Championships.

Almost every single sport has been turned upside down over the past few months and snooker has been a part of that. The 2020 World Championships will begin on July 31, a change for us all, but is this a move that could be made permanent in the future?

There has been a lot of talk about the snooker schedule, how it is currently run and how things could be made better. There are many events that won’t need changing, but could we see additional exposure for the showpiece event if it was placed in the middle of the summer as it is this year?

The Pros & Cons to a July and August World Championships

This year will be different to any other year and we have seen that with the release of who will be playing in the World Championships this time around.

In the future, there should be no reason for anyone to miss out on the tournament, so we won’t lose players because of the move.

A big pro to the move would be additional exposure. Assuming that football leagues return to play somewhere around their usual dates, moving to the summer would put snooker away from football. As it stands now, the current dates of April and May clash with a number of huge football games.

Summer sports such as cricket often pick up new fans throughout the summer months, people who would normally watch football but want something else out of season. This is a way for snooker to add even more fans, there is certainly a thirst for snooker, but often clashes prevent people from tuning in.

Is it Time to Think Outside of the Box?

After the Covid-19 pandemic is over, and life returns to some kind or normality, people will have changed. There will be a lot of businesses, sports and other entertainment industries all looking at ways in which they can change things and think outside of the box.

If it is a time for thinking outside of the box, and putting your sport in the best possible place then is this the time to try a World Championships in July and August?

In the short term, if travel is an issue could we see some events replaced by regional play, even perhaps league tables that puts players against each other but limits their overall contact.

There is certainly scope to make some changes, and it could be argued that if snooker stays the same then the changes that other sports make could push them ahead of snooker.

How do Other Sports Affect Snooker?

The sports industry as a whole needs to recover, and although there has always been competition between sports, it is likely to be even bigger now.

There are many bookmakers in the UK that offer sports betting across a range of different sports. Each one is determined to do all it can to make their product stand out and that is likely to be the big push as we approach the end of 2020 and move into 2021.

In some respects, the best thing for snooker may be to allow others to make their changes and then react to those.

See where the gaps are left in the schedule and try to capitalise on something, giving sports fans the chance to watch a big snooker event like the World Championships when there is little competition out there.

The final decisions with a lot of sports, including snooker, may simply come down to how brave they want to be.