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Live blog 27/11/15


27 November 2015 Today I am visiting York, where the UK Snooker Championship is in full swing – except that today is a rest day as far as play is concerned. The reason for my visit is that I have been invited to do a short presentation about Snookerhub to the World Snooker Coach’s seminar… Read more »

A Giant Step Forward For Amateur Snooker ?


The recent announcement by the English Association of Snooker and Billiards (EASB) regrading live streaming of the English Amateur Championship final is, to me, a massive boost for amateur snooker.

Snooker Snippets – Joe Davies (1927-1928)


  Brilliant video here of the great Joe Davis ! C/U of the snooker player Joe Davies – he holds his snooker cue and smiles at the camera. Camera dissolve to the triangle of snooker balls on the table. Joe “breaks”. Dissolve to Joe standing by the table. “His stance, whether playing “safe” or “open”… Read more »

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