Scotties Junior Giants

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The Scotties Junior Giants Programme is at the beginning of a new era

The George Scott Snooker Club in Liverpool is the home of the Scotties Junior Giants Programme.

Neil Johnson says:

We currently get between 15 and 30 players at the Saturday morning club throughout the year but we have 25 snooker tables so this means we can take as many as 50 junior players.
Everything we do related to the junior scene stems from this and there’s even more of an incentive to work towards making the most of it now as we’ve just joined the World snooker 147 Club scheme and will continue to work closely with the main governing bodies.
Our Giants programme has been running for 4 years now and has had some fantastic success. Too much to mention, but includes a number of world records, 2 global awards and 3 European Champions.

The thing is we can make this much bigger and better.

There’s so many children out there with amazing talent and they haven’t even picked up a cue yet. Well, we want to find them.
The general outline will include what we provide already – Saturday morning club, junior group training, one to one lessons, our own Thursday night league etc.
However, on top of other things, we’re planning a new U/21s Development Championships ranking series with 3 progressive ability tiers that will take the place of one Saturday club a month. Possibly Gold, Silver and Bronze sections similar to what Cuestars do down South. This tiering system caters for any player from 4 foot 6 inches in height upwards and will be designed to do anything from keeping children off the street to giving players a chance to go as far as they desire in the game.
There’s no reason why this can’t be a huge success and we will be promoting from schools within a certain radius.

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